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What’s Inside the Box Counts. But Not for Everything!

Heating systems are manufactured every day. Sometimes hundreds of the same make and model, all made in the same factory.heating2
Does that mean that each one can be expected to perform as well and last as long as all the others? Definitely not…even if they’re all of equal quality.

That’s because sometimes the wrong system gets installed. And when that happens, there’s no way it can perform up to its full potential.

That’s where we come in: GBT Heating & Cooling. Here, we do a lot of things before the “box” ever gets installed, such as:

  • Talk to you about your home comfort needs
  • Find out how much you want to save on your utility bills
  • Ask about any special health needs
  • Check your vents, registers, baseboard heating units, etc.
  • Identify and measure heat loss
  • And more

In the end, we’ll design and install exactly the right type and size of heating system for your home, special needs, and budget. Plus we offer convenient monthly financing terms to help you pay for it.

Contact GBT Heating & Cooling today for a free in-home consultation and new system quote.

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