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5 Common AC Problems in Spring Hill and Shelbyville

If your central air conditioning system isn’t operating up to par, there’s usually a pretty specific reason why vs. simply chalking up to general wear and tear. If the latter were true, then all the various system components would all start breaking down at about the same time and almost precisely the same rate, and that almost never happens. Instead, unreliable performance or a complete system shutdown can usually be pinned down to one or more specific causes, and these are among the leading possibilities.

Faulty or frayed wiring Even if an AC system is brand new, it’s only going to perform as well as the AC professional who installed it. If, for example, the system was not properly wired and substandard materials were used during the installation, sooner or later your system will develop an electrical problem, one that could prevent it from getting any power at all.

  1. Low refrigerant level Refrigerant is used in AC system to cool off the air as it passes through the system. If your system develops a leak and it’s not immediately detected, eventually there won’t be enough refrigerant to provide the cool indoor temperatures you’ve grown to expect.

  1. Outside fan is not working The whole concept of a central AC system starts with transferring heat from inside your home out. The chief means of conveyance is a fan within your outdoor condensing unit. Should anything happen to impair its ability to perform that vital function, you’re going to feel the heat indoors until the problems’ fixed. And if that doesn’t happen soon enough, your compressor could incur damage, as well.

  1. The outside unit just stops working Once again, this probably means you have an electrical problem either with the condensing unit itself or your thermostat.

  1. The coil is frozen If the coil freezes up inside the indoor air handler, the damage could be extensive enough that you might have to replace the entire air handler. How does a coil freeze in the first place? It does so from a lack of or restricted airflow which, in turn, is usually caused by a dirty filter or a problem with your ductwork.

There are many other things that can go wrong with an air conditioning system, which is why the single most important part of the repair process is expert diagnosis – something you always can count on with GBT Heating & Cooling. Give us a call today if your system isn’t performing up to par, and we’ll have working effectively again in no time.



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