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5 Tips for Fireplace Maintenance to Ensure Your Family’s Safety

‘This the season for harvest fairs, apple cider donuts, and curling up in front of a crackling fire. But if you haven’t given fireplace maintenance a single thought since last fall – or longer – don’t light another log until you ensure your fireplace is ready for the cooler weather ahead.

Here are five important fireplace maintenance and safety tips to follow.

Assess the Chimney – Inspect the chimney from the outside. Do you notice any chipped masonry joints or missing bricks? Is it leaning? If your fireplace runs through your attic, don’t forget to check there as well.

Inspect the Chimney Cap – A chimney cap not only can reduce the damage caused by water and snow, but can prevent small wildlife from nesting inside. If you currently don’t have a chimney cap, or if you suspect it might have been damaged, contact a chimney professional.

Check for Leaks and Stains – Inspect the ceiling and walls and around your chimney for any stains or signs of water damage, which could be caused by a damaged flue liner or faulty flashing around the chimney at the roof line.

Inspect the Fireplace – Check the brickwork in and around your fireplace for wear. Make sure that the damper opens and closes easily and check inside the smoke chamber above the damper for soot build up.

Have Your Fireplace and Chimney Inspected – Call a chimney professional for an annual inspection and cleaning of your fireplace. He or she can spot problems that even the most diligent homeowner could miss.

Since most of us rely on our fireplaces for illumination and ambiance rather than heat, that leaves your furnace to do the latter. And to make sure it’s up to the task, now’s the perfect time of year to contact GBT for our multi-step heating system cleaning and inspection. It’s the best way to ensure a winter’s worth of warm and cozy indoor conditions.


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