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6 Ideas on How to Brighten Up a Room

Did you know that dark rooms can make you feel fatigued, cranky, and even stressed? On the flip side of that coin, it’s scientifically proven that well lit and sun-filled spaces help improve production, focus, mood, and can even enhance your immunity system.

But what if you have a bedroom, kitchen, or family room that simply doesn’t get a sufficient amount of natural light? Well, here are 6 tips for making even the darkest of spaces feel light and bright.

  1. Swap out the lightbulbs. Some bulbs cast dark shadows on a room, making it feel more closed in. Look for those that mimic natural daylight.

  2. Add more lighting. Under-cabinet lighting, strategically placed lamps, recessed lights, and accent lights above paintings are great ways to brighten up a room while adding a nice touch of drama.

  3. Avoid dark colors. Painting the walls a light color, adding a light area rug to a dark hardwood floor, and choosing lighter furnishings make a room feel brighter.

  4. Add mirrors. Hang a mirror-filled paned window, especially across a light source, to give the illusion of a window. Or use a large mirror instead of artwork over a mantle or headboard.

  5. Reflect light. Metallic, glass, and shiny surfaces reflect even the smallest amounts of real or artificial light, making a room seem brighter than it really is.

  6. Open up to an adjacent room. Removing a wall, enlarging a door opening, or replacing a solid door with French doors will take advantage of the light coming in from an adjacent room.

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