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Benefits of a Whole-House Attic Fan

When conditions are right, cooling your home with a whole-house fan can be more efficient than relying on central air. Typically installed in the attic, the fan works by pulling cool air in through open windows and pushing warm air out through soffits or vents in the attic.

What makes for the right conditions?  Here are the most important:

  1. It’s warmer inside than outside your home.

  2. Higher humidity indoors than out.

  3. Simply opening windows doesn’t make your home cool enough.

While whole-house attic fans are no substitute for central air under most conditions and during most times of day, they can help you cut your energy costs. So, when the stars align and the above-mentioned conditions exist, here are just some of the benefits of turning off the air and flipping the switch on your fan:

  1. A whole-house fan cools your home faster than central air conditioning, typically within minutes.

  2. It’s a more environmentally friendly cooling solution that central air or window units.

  3. It is far cheaper to run a whole-house fan than using central air conditioning. In fact, you can realize savings of 85-90%.

  4. Newer fan models operate quietly; perhaps more quietly than your central air system.

  5. They provide excellent ventilation throughout your home by drawing out warm, stale, humid air and odors.

  6. A whole-house fan is a great supplement to your central air system, allowing you to turn off central air during summer mornings and evenings without sacrificing comfort.

Still, a whole-house fan can’t do it all. Which is why it’s so important to keep your central AC system in top working order. Your local HVAC professionals at GBT provide annual cleanings and inspections that help your AC system run better, last longer, lower your energy costs, and provide added safety. For more information or to schedule service, contact us today.

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