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How to Reduce AC System Stress

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

The hotter it gets outdoors, the more you value the kind of comfort your AC system provides. Simple math.

Still, while you’re enjoying sustained comfort, your AC system is elevating its game to keep pace with rising temperatures and soaring humidity. You don’t notice the extra effort in the moment, but it’s there all right. It’s the kind of effort that, in the long run, can bring about premature system problems and failure.

That’s why we offer these useful and proven effective tips for relieving your AC system of being overworked – also known as system stress.

1. Once the temperature hits 90+ degrees, especially with high humidity, raise your thermostat to 75 degrees until outdoor conditions improve.

2. Install one or more ceiling fans for two good reasons. First, a two-way ceiling fan can pull cool air back up to people levels just as they push warm air down during the winter. That allows you to stay cool at higher thermostat settings. Ceiling and floor- or table-mounted oscillating fans also help circulate cool air so you can accomplish more with less from your AC system.

3. AC filters should be cleaned or replace periodically. How often? That depends on the type of filters you use. Check the packaging for recommendations.

4. Keep your window fixtures closed while the sun is beating down. Anything you can do to cool off the inside of your house means less work for your AC system.

5. Don’t place lamps, TVs, or anything else that generates heat near your thermostats. That heat tricks your thermostat into thinking you need more cool air than you really do.

6. If you’re leaving the house, raise the thermostat until you return. Your system appreciates every breather it gets.

Another great way to keep your system in top working order is through annual preventive maintenance – a specialty of the house here at GBT Heating & Cooling. Has it been a year or longer since your system was last cleaned and inspected? If so, contact us today for service, and get more “cool” for your money.


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