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Company Profile


Our Story

When something works, it just works.

You know, simple things like saying what you mean, and always doing what you say. Showing up on time. Treating people with respect and being a really good listener.

At GBT our goal is to be your HVAC provider for life. To earn that privilege, we work hard every day to treat you so well and so respectfully that most of our customers wouldn't even think of hiring anyone else.

Here are a few specific examples of what we're talking about:

  • We understand that you'd do anything to protect your home and family. We're here to make that job a little easier by taking the best possible care of your home comfort systems.

  • At GBT team members answer our phones, not a machine. 

  • We hire and train top level technicians and installers

  • Whenever appropriate, we present you with repair or new system options. We want you to be as comfortable with your decisions as you are with your heating and AC systems.

  • As HVAC service providers, we speak a language all our own, and one we don't always expect you to understand. So we make a point to talk to you in plain English and to answer all your questions to your complete satisfaction.

  • The work we do inside your home can be messy at times. That's why we protect the work area and thoroughly clean up after ourselves. 

To learn more about what sets GBT apart from the pack, continue reading through our Guarantees and Assurances.

You Have Our Name on It:

GBT Heating & Cooling | Guarantees & Assurances

Guarantees & Assurances

Call them guarantees and assurances, or call them confidence boosters. Either way, you can count on GBT for each of the following:

  • A guaranteed up front price presented for your approval before we start any job

  • Free estimates and second opinions

  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee

  • Answers to all your questions

  • Respect for you and your home at all times

  • Ongoing training for all GBT team members to constantly improve on existing skills while developing new ones

At the end of the day, words on a web page can’t fully prepare you for what to expect.

So you know what? Go ahead and give us a call, and allow us to show you firsthand why more and more home owners trust GBT Heating and Cooling for their home comfort provider.

Explore a Career with GBT Heating & Cooling

Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

What's it take to be successful in the HVAC business, particularly here at GBT?

First, the intangibles:

  • Desire and ability to solve problems

  • Desire and willingness to help others

  • Commitment to excellence and ongoing development 

  • Independent action

  • Team player

  • Excellent communication skills

From there, it depends on which particular career path you choose to follow, such as:

  • Service & repair

  • Installation

  • Administration

  • Service management

  • Sales

At GBT, we want people who want more than a job. We want people who want the best for themselves and their families, and are willing to work hard in a dynamic team environment to earn it.

Interested in learning more? Then contact us today and show us what you’ve got. And we’ll tell you what’s currently available.

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