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Heating Services

Stay Warm. Stay Cozy. With GBT as Your Home Heating Partner.

Heating Service & Repairs

There are certain things you absolutely need to think about every day. Like making sure the kids get off to school on time, what to make for dinner, meeting a critical work deadline, and so on. Other things... well let's just say there's a time and a place for them all. Provided, that is, you don't lose track of them. And all too often, one of "them" is your home heating system. As in, winter comes, you turn it on. When heat is no longer needed, you turn it off. So, what else is there to think about? Answer: Plenty!

Heating System Cleaning & Inspection | Furnace Cleaning & Inspection

At GBT Heating & Cooling, there is no service we offer that's more important than annual preventative maintenance. We provide that in the form of our multi-step cleaning and inspection service.

In the process, we focus on all heating system performance and safety functions so you can look forward to:

  • The likelihood of fewer and less costly repairs

  • Longer system lifespan

  • Cleaner indoor air

  • Quieter operation

  • Added home and personal safety

Heating System Repairs | Furnace Repairs 

The average lifespan of a heating system is 10 - 12 years.

That means, unfortunately, that even with faithful annual maintenance, sooner or later you’re bound to run into a problem…provided you live in your home long enough.

Well, when that time comes, or even if it’s now, you can count on GBT to take care of any heating system problem. Thoroughly. On time. And with your 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

We service and repair all makes and models of the following types of heating systems:

  • Gas heat

  • Electric heat

  • Furnaces

  • Ductless air

  • Heat pumps

So if your heating system isn’t doing its jobs, or you think you’re paying too much in utility bills, give us a call for a prompt and accurate diagnosis. And we’ll take it from there.

New Furnace | New Heating System

What's Inside the Box Counts. But Not for Everything! 

Heating Sysem

Heating systems are manufactured every day. Sometimes hundreds of the same make and model, all made in the same factory. Does that mean that each one can be expected to perform as well and last as long as the others? Definitely not.

That’s because unless you have a well-experienced and licensed HVAC professional in your corner, you can easily get saddled with a great heating system that’s wrong for your home.  If it’s either too large or too small, for example, it’s going to accumulate added wear and tear that will drive up your heating costs and reduce your system’s lifespan.

That's where we come in: GBT Heating & Cooling. Here's just some of what we do before we recommend a specific new heating system:

  • Talk to you about your home comfort needs

  • Find out to what extent heating costs are a concern to you

  • Ask about special health needs

  • Check your vents, registers, baseboard heating units, and other air distribution components

  • Identify and measure heat loss

A little upfront planning goes a long, way to equipping you with exactly the right heating system.

Furnace Installers | High-Efficiency Heating System

As an independent heating and cooling company, we’re free to recommend the products of numerous high-quality system manufacturers. One such company whose products we proudly install and maintain is American Standard.  Click here to learn more about their line of gas furnaces and what you can expect from each available model.

Or, simply contact GBT today for a free in-home consultation and new system quote.

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