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Equipment We Use

American Standards: Coils | Indoor Air Quality | Thermostat Controls | Commercial Equipment | Air Conditioners | Gas Furnaces


We install American Standard Air Conditioning equipment due to its ability to retain its efficiency on its condenser coils. Our models start at 14 seer and go up to 22 seer in the AccuComfort Variable Speed Platinum 20 model. Our variable speed models cool your house more efficiently and faster. This saves you money on your electric bill and leads to a more comfortable home environment.


Air Conditioners

Efficient and durable units that will save you money and provide home comfort.


Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air solutions that help reduce allergens, pollen, and clean and improve your air quality of your home.


Gas Furnaces

Our gas furnaces are much more efficient than those older models. Get just the right heat you desire.


Thermostat Controls

Digital thermostats featuring touch-screen controls, wi-fi, and classy looks.



All aluminum coils help transfer heat, reduce corrosion, and help cool your home more efficiently.



Package and split-systems to handle all of your business cooling and heating needs.

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