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Benefits of a Whole-House Air Filter

If you hear yourself saying “God bless you!” more than a few times a day, there’s way too much sneezing going on.  That’s especially true when you consider that it’s not just cold and flu viruses that have family members fighting off their typical symptoms.  The same symptoms can be – and often are – caused by polluted indoor air.

On the off chance you think we might be making this up, the American EPA estimates that indoor air, on average, is twice as polluted as outdoor air, and can be up to 100 times more polluted.  Any way you slice it, that’s a recipe for abject misery.

What exactly is fouling up the air inside your home?  There are more such pollutants than we can possibly list in one succinct blog, so here’s just a sampling:

  1. Pollen

  2. Pet dander

  3. Mold spores

  4. Bacteria

  5. Secondhand smoke

  6. Lead particles

  7. Asbestos

  8. Cleaning by-products

  9. Dust

  10. Dust mites

Some common air pollutants enter your home from outside, and often on the soles of your shoes. Others, like mold and secondhand smoke, are formed indoors. But no matter the source, most of them have a way of getting inside your air ducts. Except they don’t just sit there. Instead, they make it into your lungs after being blown through the ductwork by your furnace or AC system fan.

There is no shortage of DIY remedies to clean your air.  These include:

  1. Certain house plants like Spider plants, Aloe Vera, Snake Plant, and numerous others

  2. Leaving shoes on a mat near entrance ways

  3. Vacuuming with a HEPA filter

  4. Don’t allow smoking indoors

  5. Switch to all-natural household cleaning products

  6. Keep your pets groomed

  7. Get rid of mold

Here’s how we can help.  At GBT Heating & Air Conditioning, we offer several indoor air quality solutions. Many of our customers prefer whole-house air filters. First, the right system can remove 99%+ of all airborne pollutants as they travel through your air ducts – that’s where the filters are installed. The filters are low maintenance, needing to be cleaned only about every six months. Above all, whole-house air filters deliver on their promise of cleaning up your air to help relieve symptoms of allergies and asthma. When the sources of your respiratory problems are removed, you can’t help but feel better.

Contact us today for more information and a free air filter proposal.


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