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Halloween Trivia & Fun Facts Spring Hill & Shelbyville

If you still enjoy the experience and excitement of Halloween, then we’re here to help you enjoy just a little bit more by sharing with you some pretty interesting – in some cases, even amazing – Halloween trivia.

All we can say is: “Who knew?”

  1. Orange and black aren’t the official colors by happenstance. Orange is the traditional color of the fall harvest while black symbolizes darkness and death.

  2. Ireland gets at least partial credit for the first jack-o-lanterns. Only partial, though, because they used turnips instead of pumpkins to ward off ghosts and goblins on the Samhain holiday.

  3. Who reading this believes pumpkins only come in orange? If you kept your arm down, raise it now to pat yourself on the back. They also come in white, blue, and green.

  4. The first wrapped candies in America were Tootsie Rolls. At least that’s kind of Halloween trivia.

  5. Every year in the US alone, we spend about $2 billion on Halloween candy.

  6. No other holiday rings up American retail cash registers more than Christmas.

  7. And of course, the biggest question of all: how exactly did we end up Halloween costumes, and whose idea was that anyway? Well, we can thank the ancient Celts. They started wearing costumes on Halloween so roaming spirits and ghosts could not identify them as being human. Wouldn’t have just been easier to stay indoors with the shutters closed? Hmm, one wonders.

Whatever your plans are for Halloween, 2014, we hope it’s a fun and safe experience for you and your entire family.



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