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How Often Should You Replace a Furnace Filter

How often we do things depends on what those things are. Like food consumption – three squares a day. Dusting your furniture? Unless you’re allergic to it, once every other week ought to suffice. As for your furnace filter, we’re talking once every eight weeks or so – but only if you want maximum performance and energy savings, not to mention cleaner air.

Then again, you may want to clean or replace it more often depending on the following circumstances.

Look for Clues

If your furniture gets dusty shortly after cleaning or your furnace seems to remain on more than usual, it may be time to change the filter. Check the filter periodically and if it’s covered in dust, it’s time to replace.

Change with the Seasons

At a minimum, change the filter at the start of each season. Not only is this easier to remember but doing so will keep dust from being sucked through the HVAC system even during warmer months when you’re likely to run the air conditioner.

Consider the Weather

During the winter months, your furnace works overtime. As such, you may want to replace the filter every month or so. The less often a furnace runs, the longer it can go between filter changes.

Consider Filter Type

All filters have a minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) between 1 and 16. The MERV factor indicates how well a filter can block dust, pet dander, and other pollutants. While a higher rated filter will do a better job, its smaller holes makes it susceptible to more frequent clogging, requiring more frequent replacement. What’s more, flat filters tend to clog more often than pleated varieties due to less surface area.

Pet and Other Allergy Problems

Allergy sufferers benefit greatly from more frequent filter changes, as do households with furry friends. Changing or replacing the filter every 30 to 45 days is bound to help.

Remodeling Projects

During any home remodeling projects where sanding, scraping, painting, or floor installation take place, change the filter every 30 days or more frequently, if needed, to keep airborne dust and debris from circulating throughout your home.

As important as they are, furnace filters alone can’t provide cleaner indoor air. For more complete and longer-lasting results, talk to the indoor air quality specialists at GBT Heating & Cooling. We have a variety of ways to dramatically reduce indoor air contaminants to help all family members breathe a little easier. Contact us today for all the details.



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