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How to Add Humidity to Your House in Spring Hill and Shelbyville

As this blog goes to “press”, there are 36 days left until spring. The optimist might say “it’s practically here” while the pessimist would be more inclined toward “won’t this winter ever end?!”

Whichever way you’re the inclined, here’s the truth of the matter: we still have lots more heating days left before we can turn off our furnaces for good. At least until next fall, anyway

And for as long as you keep your furnace running without compensating for the dry air it produces, the more you’re prone to such problems as:

  1. Riveting jolts of static electricity

  2. Dry, frizzy hair

  3. Dry, flakey, and itchy skin

  4. Wood floors, doors, and furniture that shrink and can potentially crack

  5. Exaggerated problems with existing upper respiratory ailments

  6. The onset of new upper respiratory ailments

Bottom line, overly dry air isn’t any better for you or your home than overly humid air, but now GBT Heating & Cooling offers you a year-round solution: a whole-house humidity control system.

Very simply, it adds humidity to your home during the heating season, and removes excess humidity during the cooling season. Better yet, you get to set – and change –the relative humidity settings to what’s most comfortable for you and your family.

Then, not only will you feel more comfortable at home, you’ll enjoy these benefits, as well:

  1. Lower heating and cooling costs

  2. Relief from upper respiratory ailments like asthma and allergies

  3. Skin and hair that always feels just right

  4. Damage prevention for all your wood

To learn more, or to request a custom proposal and quote, contact GBT Heating & Cooling today.


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