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Indoor Air Quality Warning Signs

If you have ductwork in your home, you have a natural breeding ground for literally hundreds of known indoor air pollutants.  That doesn’t mean they’re all taking up residence at once…then again, you don’t need very many species to make your life miserable.

The truth is, more than 50% of colds and other viruses originate from indoor air pollution. So, doesn’t it make sense to take heed if you notice any of the most common warning signs that all is not well inside your ducts?

Here’s just some of what to look for.

Mold – If you suspect the presence of mold, likely hiding places are damp, dark areas like your air ducts and AC air handler.  Unlike mold on your walls or ceilings from a dripping pipe, air duct and air handler mold isn’t as easy to detect. Sustained sneezing, wheezing, and related symptoms should at least start making you wonder.

Insects and Rodents – If you hear the pitter patter of little feet coming from above or notice an uptick in insect activity inside your home, you may have some unwanted guests taking up residence inside your ducts. Contact a pest control company to eliminate the problem.  Hopefully any allergic reactions will leave soon after the critters have been forcibly removed.

Debris – If your home has recently undergone a remodel involving high levels of dust and debris, it may have entered the ducts if your registers and vents weren’t properly covered.

Health Concerns – If you suffer from respiratory issues like allergies, asthma, chronic cough, etc., excessive dust can exacerbate those symptoms. However, dirty or clogged ducts are only part of the problem.

As we mentioned earlier, lots of other pollutants can make it inside your air ducts:  like chemical cleaning by-products, pesticides that travel indoors on the soles of shoes, pet dander, and many more.

Are you defenseless against them?  Not with GBT Heating & Cooling in your corner.  Our indoor air quality specialists will analyze the problem and recommend the best indoor air quality solution for your home and family. With an indoor air filtration system, for example, a high-quality filter can kill 99%+ of all pollutants travelling through your duct system, and before they reach your living space.

Contact us today for a free in-home air quality assessment and proposal.



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