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The Value of a Home Furnace Inspection

Yahoo! Colder weather has arrived, but that’s to be expected. Besides, you’ve got nothing to worry about indoors, thanks to your oh-so-reliable heating system. Until one day it isn’t…reliable, that is.

While it’s true that furnace problems can’t be blocked forever, a well-maintained furnace can far surpass its average lifespan while performing more reliably and repair-free.

And there are two good reasons already for having your heating system cleaned and inspected once a year.

Here are a few more.

 1. Maintain your warranty. Product warranties on newer model furnaces usually require annual maintenance. Should you fail to have that service performed by a qualified home heating contractor, your warranty can become void should you have a repair need while it’s still in force.

 2. Reduced heating costs. Without regular maintenance, all kinds of things can drive up your utility costs. Filters get dirty and clogged, thus forcing your furnace to work harder to generate the same amount of heat. Air ducts can crack, separate, and leak, thus allowing warm air to escape into your attic. And let’s not forget leaky air ducts, faulty thermostats, poor airflow – all this and more is included in a thorough furnace cleaning and inspection.

 3. Added safety. Carbon Monoxide is the product of incomplete combustion. When furnace fuel is not completely burned (combusted), carbon monoxide is emitted. In small doses, CO symptoms include tiredness, nausea, chest pain, and general weakness.

 4. Added comfort. Are certain areas of your home warmer than others? If it was properly installed and is faithfully maintained, a home heating system should provide equal amounts of heat throughout your living spaces.

Today, we’d like to offer you the benefit of our training and experience to clean and inspect your furnace for your family’s added comfort, convenience, safety, and energy savings. It all adds up to a warmer and cozier season…with a little help from GBT Heating & Cooling.

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