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3 Common Heating Repairs in Spring Hill and Shelbyville

If your furnace is getting up there in years, life can be one constant waiting game to see if it still has another day left in it, let alone weeks or months.

That’s especially true if funds are a little tight and a major repair bill would be an unwelcome surprise, at best.

Still, isn’t it better to know what CAN go wrong so in case something DOES go wrong you’ll have some idea what’s going on and what to expect as a result?  For everyone who’s raising their hand or nodding their head in agreement right now, the rest of this blog is for you.

Specifically, the following are among the most frequent signs that a furnace needs professional repair assistance:

Frequently turns itself on and off

That phenomenon is known as short-cycling and while clearly a nuisance, frequent short-cycling can cut your heating system’s life short.  Short-cycling is caused by overheating which, in turn, causes your furnace to shut down, thus giving it time to cool off.  And while that’s a good thing, the constant turning on and off places added wear and tear on your critical furnace parts.  If you notice your furnace short-cycling, you should call your local heating professional right away, because whatever problems might already exist are only going to get worse with time.

Ignition Failure

If and when your furnace fails to start, it’s either a problem with the thermostat or ignition failure in the furnace itself.  Like most heating system problems, ignition failure becomes a greater risk the older your furnace gets.  What causes ignition failure?  It could be a problem with the pilot light or, more specifically, a bad thermocouple that isn’t opening the gas valve and allowing the pilot light to stay lit.

A Problem with the Air Handler

If you have forced air heat, then your system contains an air handler which is responsible for delivering heat from the furnace to your living quarters.  Like anything else mechanical, air handlers can eventually break down, thus enabling them to perform their key role in heating your home.  So if your furnace is definitely on but you’re not feeling the heat, most likely the air handler needs some TLC.

Speaking of TLC, here at GBT Heating & Cooling, that’s precisely what we’re know for:  taking great care of your heating and cooling systems so they can take better care of you.  So if your furnace simply isn’t performing up to par, give us a call for expert diagnosis and highly reliable repair services where we guarantee your 100% satisfaction.  Click here for more GBT service guarantees.



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