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5 Common Furnace Problems

“What happened to the heat?!”

Come winter, that’s one question no home owner wants to hear, much less attend to. But it’s one that’s asked all the time.  We know, because we receive call after call asking for help.

At the same time, home heating problems often have a simple solution. For example, if the thermostat wasn’t set properly or a circuit tripped, your furnace won’t turn or stay on. What about when the house doesn’t feel as warm as you recall at the same temperature setting?  It could be a simple matter of cleaning or replacing your furnace.

When the problem is harder to diagnose and the solution more difficult to come by, that’s when you need the services of a licensed and experienced home heating professional.  Here at GBT Heating & Cooling, we are that team or professionals here not to demonstrate a few of the more common furnace repair issues.

Pilot light or ignition problem

A faulty pilot light or ignition usually is caused by some type of clogged piping, a faulty thermocouple, or faulty electrical.

Leaky air ducts

Poor insulation, cracks, gaps, and broken seals in and around your ducts can allow warm air to escape, making it difficult to keep your home warm. It’s a good idea every couple of years to proactively have your ducts inspected and sealed or insulated as needed.

Noisy operation

Rattling, rumbling, and clinking noises could be indicative of several issues, including a clogged burner and mechanical or airflow problems.

Cold spots

If one room is noticeably colder than other, once again you can’t automatically blame the furnace.  Instead, house airflow needs to be checked and possibly re-balanced.

Fan isn’t working

When air isn’t flowing from the vent, and you know the furnace is working otherwise, the most likely problem is a non-functional blower fan. Mechanical issues like these are best left to professional technicians.

Constant cycling

When a furnace is cycling it means it’s struggling to regulate the temperature in your home. Air flow may be a problem so check for closed vents or replace your air filter. Lowering the temperature helps your furnace to run more efficiently because it won’t have to work as hard.

How GBT can help

GBT Heating & Cooling services and repairs all makes and models of home furnaces. So, no matter what’s going on, we can effectively diagnose the problem and, with your approval, apply the most effective remedy to enhance your family’s comfort and convenience.5 Common Furnace Problems

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