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Common Furnace Warning Signs

Your home heating system was designed to last 15 – 20 years. Once it reaches the ripe old age of 15 years, plus or minus, things have a way of suddenly going wrong.

On the other hand, rarely do furnaces just suddenly give up the ghost.  Instead, they emit several different warning signs, each one indicating the need to have it checked out by a professional or, if need be, replaced.  Here are a few of the more common warning signs:

“Quiet down!”

Issues like a loose belt or a problem with the ignition system can create enough noise to wake up even the heaviest sleeper.

Yellow Pilot Light

This indicates your furnace is not properly mixing its gases, and that could indicate a carbon monoxide leak.

Slow Starter

A slow-starting furnace, or one that has trouble staying connected, indicates a problem with the thermostat or furnace itself. 

Skyrocketing Energy Costs

If it’s costing much more to heat your home than normal, your furnace has lost a great deal of its original efficiency. Which is to say, its steady decline in operating efficiency is bound to continue.

Unhealthy Indoor Air

The older the furnace, the dirtier the air it produces. So, if you and other family members can’t seem to shake those cold-like symptoms, maybe it isn’t a cold after all.

Thermostat not Responding

If you find yourself turning the thermostat ever higher to achieve even minimum levels of comfort, that’s another clear “message” that all is not well.  In this case, the problem could be a faulty furnace or the thermostat itself.

If your furnace is making you wonder if today is the day it suddenly stops running, now’s a great time to contact GBT Heating & Cooling so we can properly investigate and diagnose the problem. Whatever it is, we’ll give you our best recommendations on best to correct it along with a guaranteed upfront price quote.


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