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Heat Your Home for Less with a Ceiling Fan

Most people have a love-hate relationship with their heating and cooling systems.  You love them for the comfort they provide…the kind of comfort you’ve long since taken for granted.  And while there are a few reasons to hate them, tops on the list for most people are the associated utility costs.

So what’s a cost-conscious home owner to do to bring those costs down?  Actually, a lot of things including installing one or more ceiling fans.

The kind you want are those that rotate in both directions.  In the summer, you want the cool air driven upward as its natural path is down. Come winter, you want to push rising heat back down where you can feel it.

The net result are lower utility costs since there’s less wasted cool or warm air.  Because of that, come winter, you can keep the thermostat at a lower temperature setting without feeling any less comfort.

For maximum benefit, ceiling fans should be installed in your living or family…wherever your family gathers when all the day’s chores are completed.  If you have a two-story house, another good spot is at the top of the stairs to reverse the flow of heat rising from the lower lever.

Another great way to control monthly heating costs is to have your system professionally serviced once a year.  At GBT heating and cooling, that’s a specialty of the house. Our service is so thorough, you can look forward to fewer repairs, longer equipment life, cleaner air, and lower utility costs.  That’s a lot of value from one very affordable service.

For more information or to request service, contact GBT today.



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