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How About a Mid-Season Heating System Tune up in Spring Hill and Shelbyville?

Typically, annual heating system tune-ups are performed in the late summer or early fall, a time when temperatures begin to turn cooler, but before you really need your heating system for comfort.

The problem is, lots of people postpone that service for one reason or another. And when that happens, they’re likely to put it off at least to the following early heating system, if not longer.

And that’s where problems can and often do sit in.

That’s because your heating system was designed to last 15 – 20 years. But to make it even that far, it requires annual system maintenance. We recommend it, and so does the company that made your heating system.

So now, here it is late January, and let’s say you are one of those people who did not have their system properly maintained this past fall – are you better off waiting until next fall? Absolutely not, because it’s never too late for us to perform our multi-point heating system cleaning and inspection for home owners like you in Spring Hill and Shelbyville.

Here’s just some of what our cleaning and inspection process consists of:

  1. Check and adjust blower motor and other components as needed

  2. Clean or replace system filter

  3. Check and test safety controls

  4. Monitor furnace cycle

  5. Clean heat exchanger and burners

  6. Check and adjust pilot operation (gas systems)

  7. Adjust air flow for proper temperature

  8. Lubricate all moving parts, where applicable

  9. Check and tighten all loose electrical connections

  10. Monitor voltage and amperage draw on all motors

  11. Check and adjust thermostat

How do you benefit from this all-important service from GBT Heating & Cooling? With annual preventative maintenance, you can look forward to fewer if any repairs, a longer system lifespan, added safety, and lower energy bills. And those are the four best reasons we can think of to call us right now to schedule your mid-season heating system cleaning and inspection – with GBT Heating & Cooling, of course!


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