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How to Heat Your Home for Less

The “lazy man’s approach to feeling warmer, indoors, during the winter? Of course: simply raise the thermostat and hope for the best when your utility bills arrive.

As for most of the folks we know? They care about rising energy costs and are always looking for ways to keep them in check, and without having to sacrifice indoor comfort.

We have several suggestions to help you along:

Caulk Window Frames

Think of the edges of your windows and window sill as escape routes for heat. And, if heat is escaping, it stands to reason cold air can and will enter. How can you tell if you have heat loss around your windows? Light a candle, hold it sideways, and move it around your window frame. If the flame turns sideways, voila, heat loss.

Open & Close Window Treatments

So, you think we can’t make up our minds? Not at all. During the day, you want your sun-facing window treatments open to allow heat to enter your home, thus enabling you to lower your thermostat. Come nightfall, close them back up to retain much of the heat you’ve gained.

Take a Shower with the Door Open

A nice hot shower produces steam, and steam produces warmth. So, by keeping the bathroom door open while you take your shower, the steam will travel outside and warm things up a bit.  Not a long-lasting solution, we grant you, but every little bit helps.

Use a Fireplace Plug

Ever seen a fireplace plug? Not much to look at, but they help prevent heat from escaping around your rusty, corroded fireplace damper into the great outdoors. They’re inflatable and available at any home improvement store.

Add More Insulation

If you ever had a thermal imaging analysis performed inside your home, you’d be amazed at all the places where heat can escape, and how many of those leaks can be closed with more or new insulation. In your attic, of course. But how about inside light sockets and switches, inside outdoor-facing walls, around your windows, around and under doors, and more.

No matter what condition your furnace might be in, each of these steps will help reduced your home heating bills. And so would a heating system cleaning and inspection, especially if it’s been a year or longer since the last one. To learn more or schedule service, contact GBT Heating & Cooling today.



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