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How to Hire a Home Heating Company

This isn’t the kind of blog you read just to pass the time. If you’re here, you very likely have a current and perhaps even pressing home heating need.

Well, think of us as the Progressive Insurance of local heating and cooling professionals in this way: we’re not afraid to give you advice that could result in you hiring someone else. All we’re interested in right now is helping you make a balanced and informed decision, and if that turns out to be GBT Heating & Cooling, all the better.

With that in mind, here are several steps you’ll want to take to ensure you end up choosing a reliable and capable heating service provider:

Ask around. Talk to your friends and neighbors. Ask what type of heating work they’ve had performed and how satisfied they were with the experience.

  1. Research. After you’ve compiled a list of potential hires, go online to continue your research. It’s not enough anymore that they simply have a website. The more information it contains about the services they provide and what their customers think about them, the better. Also, check to see if they’re registered with the Better Business Bureau and how they’ve been rated.

  2. Interview. Don’t be shy: pick up the phone and interview your narrowed list of contenders. Find out how well they treat you on the phone. How long they’ve been in business. Do they offer emergency after-hours service, preventative maintenance to help reduce if not eliminate repair costs, and how about service and pricing guarantees? A good company will be more than happy to answer all your questions.

  3. Licensing and insurance. Make sure that any HVAC company you consider hiring is licensed to perform those services in your state, and able to cover any mishaps that occur during a service or repair call.

  4. Familiarity with your equipment. If you happen to contact someone to report a problem with your heat pump, for example, don’t assume they offer heat pump service. Not all HVAC contractors do. If you don’t see that information on their website, be sure to ask if they work on your kind of equipment before agreeing to a service call.

At GBT, we’re confident you’ll grade us with flying colors once you put us to the test. So, check out our website, especially the home heating section. And then, if you’d like to know a little more about us before scheduling service, we’d love to speak with you over the phone. GBT Heating & Cooling: your year-round indoor comfort specialists.


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