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How to Improve Heating Efficiency

Once winter comes, it’s nice to be home with your family and the day’s work is done, enjoying the warmth of your cozy interior. And yet, all that warmth and comfort can come with a price – namely, crazy high heating costs.

Have you been struggling to keep your costs down while keeping everyone happy with your indoor temperatures? If so, try one or more of these sure-fire tips to reduce your utility bills:

Add a Thermostat of Two

If your whole house is covered by one thermostat and not all rooms are being used at the same time, you’re wasting a whole lot of heat. By creating one or more additional zones, you can control the temperature one zone at a time which could add up to significant monthly savings.

Clean or Replace Your Filter

The simplest way to improve heating efficiency is to clean or replace your filter about every eight weeks. Once you get into a rhythm, you’ll know exactly what the frequency should be for your system’s make and model.

Purchase One or More Ceiling Fans

Two-way ceiling fans are a great way to reduce your energy costs year-round. In the winter, each fan will send heat back down into your living area, meaning your furnace won’t have to generate as much heat to keep you warm.

Time for an Upgrade?

If your furnace is past its prime, there’s only so much you can do to improve its operating efficiency. Not sure how old it is? Jot down the serial number on the system’s metal tag and then either call the manufacturer or visit their website to discover when it was built. If it was 15-20 years ago, your best move is probably to replace it now before it fails on you.

Here’s another idea. If you’re simply not sure what your furnace has left to give, contact GBT Heating & Cooling to request our furnace cleaning and inspection service. That will help improve its performance at least somewhat. At the same time, we’ll be able to spot any repair issues that might need to be resolved. Either way, you’ll have greater peace of mind knowing that your furnace is being cared for by our team of home comfort specialists.



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