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How to Reduce Your Heating Costs in Spring Hill & Shelby River

Is one of your New Year’s Resolutions to save money this year?

If so, that’s a very worthwhile goal.  But just remember that without one or more supporting strategies, goals aren’t worth a whole lot.  So first you need to define what you mean by “save” – as in, sock away in some kind of interest bearing account or investment, reduce your spending, or both.

Are we done yet?

Of course not, because even strategies don’t get you very far if you don’t implement and stay faithful to a clearly defined group of tactics.  And so, for the sake of illustration, let’s assume that you do in fact have a goal to save money in 2015, and that one of your strategies is to reduce spending everywhere you can.  And then, just as the ink is drying on this particular resolution, you open your latest home heating bill and feel like crumpling it up and throwing it away.

Which means now, we have a secondary strategy in place:  “save money by reducing our home heating costs.”

Isn’t this fun?  Of course it is, because this is not a hypothetical exercise.  It’s an exercise and decision-making process families go through all the time.  So let’s complete the exercise, for now, by providing you with home heating money-saving ideas that really work:

  1. If you have one or more ceiling fans, turn them on and run them in the reverse direction so that the warm air is being pushed back down. That will allow you to feel perfectly comfortable at two or three degrees Fahrenheit lower than normal.  Don’t already have a ceiling fan?  Well, now you know that they can serve a very useful purpose, even in the winter.

  2. Make sure all vents, registers, or baseboard units are completely unobstructed by clothing or anything else. The fewer the obstructions, the less heat you’ll need to keep warm.

  3. Think “the olden days” and dress a little warmer indoors this winter. In particular, keep your feet and head covered, and then your whole body will feel warmer, even at lower temperature settings.

  4. Keep your blinds and drapes open wide open during the day to let the sun in: the natural way to heat your home.  As the sun starts to set, close your window coverings to retain the extra heat you gained during the day.

  5. Clean or replace your heating system filter every 30 days. A dirty filter makes your furnace have to work harder to keep you warm, and that can drive up your heating costs substantially.

In addition, and for best results, have your heating system professionally cleaned and inspected at least once a year.  It’s a great to keep it in top working condition AND drive down your heating costs.  If it’s been a year or longer since your last inspection, contact GBT Heating & Cooling today for professional and reliable results.  We, too, are here to help you save money in every way we can.



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