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Space Heater Safety Tips

Generally speaking, space heaters represent a safe and reliable way to augment your winter-time indoor comfort. But just like with any other home appliance, safe operation is essential to maximizing the benefit one or more space heaters can provide.

By observing these well-established safety tips, you’ll be going a long way to preventing personal injury or a house fire:

Choose a space heater that has a protective guard around the heating element. This helps protect children and pets from accidental harm.

  1. Look for the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) symbol on the package or a similar indication that the product has been certified to meet certain minimum safety standards.

  2. Buy a heater that is appropriately sized to the space you intend to heat.

  3. Don’t let anyone in your house operate the space heater until they are thoroughly versed on how to use it properly.

  4. If the space heater you ultimately select burns fuel (which we don’t recommend!), then please make sure your house is properly vented so carbon monoxide and other pollutants can’t harm you.

  5. On the heels of the safety tip above, never leave the space heater on when go to bed or leave your house for any reason.

Before going any further, here’s a question you should ask yourself: “Do I really need a space heater in the first place?” More often than not, the same end result can be achieved through some other means, such as caulking your windows, adding weather stripping around your doors, and having your main heating system professionally cleaned and inspected once a year. And that’s something GBT Heating & Cooling can help you with right away. GBT: the company more and more home owners turn to for reliable and long-lasting indoor comfort solutions.


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