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The Importance of An HVAC Check-up

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Pretty sage advice, wouldn’t you say? It’s why we dutifully have an annual physical, head to the dentist every six months, and bring the car into the shop for routine maintenance. Or at least we all should.

Your HVAC system is no different. It, too, needs regular maintenance – an annual check-up, if you will. Here are just some of the reasons why.

Prevent premature system failure and costly repairs. While your heating or air conditioning system might seem to be working just fine, trouble could be brewing – the kind that can result in unexpected costly repairs or system failure. The faster we find them, the less harm they can do – perhaps none at all.

Doesn’t the manufacturer’s warranty cover my system? If you don’t think you need annual preventive maintenance because you have a manufacturer’s warranty, think again. Neglecting routine maintenance can void the warranty and leave you out in the cold – or heat, depending on the season.

Extended equipment life. HVAC systems that are regularly serviced by licensed technicians tend to last longer than those that aren’t. During an annual inspection, a technician inspects all components, tightens electric components, checks the filter, tests the system, and more. Each such step is designed to enhance your indoor comfort, convenience, and safety.

Improved energy efficiency. An annual inspection helps your system run at max efficiency. That reduces your carbon footprint along with your heating and cooling costs.  Now that’s a win-win!

Whole-house comfort. Does one room feel like the North Pole and another like a sauna? The culprit could be a leaky or blocked vent system, a leak in your air ducts, or a problem with one or more of your thermostats.

Add it all up, and a heating or cooling system check-up can bring your operating costs way down. For more information or to schedule service, contact GBT Heating & Cooling today.

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