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Things to Do Before Listing Your House

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

It happens to all of us, sooner or later.

The house we’ve loved and cherished for so many years suddenly just doesn’t cut it any longer. We need to upsize, downsize, or move out of town in pursuit of bigger and better career ambitions.

The reasons for moving are endless, which is exactly how getting your house ready to be listed can feel, i.e., like a never-ending process of purging, cleaning, painting, repairing, and more.

Still, as with any process, including selling your home, certain steps are more important than others. These five should be high on your list of priorities.

  1. Update your curb appeal. No matter how beautiful and well maintained your home’s interior might be, it probably won’t sell quickly and for top dollar if a prospective buyer’s first impression is: “Let’s drive on to the next showing.” Make sure your lawn is freshly cut, shrubbery neatly pruned, toys picked up and put away, and so on. Cracks in the sidewalk? Have them sealed. Drooping gutter? This is a great opportunity to straighten it back up.

  2. Freshen things up a bit. Whether your interior painting is looking a little rough or your color choices reflect your personality but might not necessarily appeal to buyers, consider re-painting with more neutral colors before putting your home on the market.

  3. Get your paperwork in order. Dig out the appliance manuals, warranties, renovation contracts and any service agreements you might have. This will enable you to put together a one-sheet about all updates you’ve made in recent years so that prospective buyers will have added incentive to give your home serious consideration.

  4. Have your home inspected. Sure, the prospective buyer has a right to have your home inspected, but there’s nothing stopping you from ordering one of your own. The sooner you learn of areas, mechanical systems, and more in need of attention, the better.

  5. Consult a local real estate professional. Ask a licensed real estate agent to walk through your home. He or she will advise you on which features will prove to be more appealing than others, which planned upgrades you’d be better off leaving be, and what you can expect to get for your home in its current state.

A big selling point for any prospective buyer is the current condition of your home heating and cooling systems.  So, if it’s been longer than you can remember since preventative maintenance was performed by a licensed and experienced professional, contact GBT Heating & Cooling today to help make your home even more sale-ready than it already is.


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