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AC Preventative Maintenance in Spring Hill and Shelbyville

Okay, just for the fun of, let’s say you fancy yourself a marathon runner.  You just happen to be one that doesn’t see any reason to train, where the thrill of the race itself is plenty for you.

So you eat as you like, work out or train no more or less vigorously than usual, wake up on the day of the race, get dressed, and go and give it your best shot.  You haven’t a prayer of winning, of course, and most likely will need multiple “pit stops” before crossing the finish line, assuming that you make it that far before hopping in a car and heading home.

“Who would do such a thing,” you ask?  Well, maybe the same person or people who expect their AC system to be in tip-top shape without any conditioning of its own.

That’s right, your home air conditioning system.  Let’s say, just for the fun of it, that it runs an average of 20 hours a day from May through September.  That’s a total of 3,672 hours of operation per year.  And that’s enough to tire it out or, to be more exact, take its toll via normal wear and tear.

And yet, when spring rolls around, all too many people figure it’s head plenty of rest over the winter, and why not just turn it on when the time is ready!

Well, we’re here to tell you that the smart move is to have your AC system professionally cleaned and inspected.  Because for the small amount of money that costs, you can look forward to some big-time benefits:

  1. Fewer and lower-cost repairs

  2. Extended system lifespan

  3. Reduced utility costs through more efficient operation

  4. Elimination of hot and cold spots in your home

  5. Added safety for your home and family

Yes, each and every year, your AC system runs a race of its own.  And all it asks in return is a little TLC to help it take better care of you.  Contact GBT Heating & Cooling to schedule service today, and start looking forward to one of your best summers ever.


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