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Keeping Cool During a Pandemic

Prior to 2020, how many times in your life had you heard the word “pandemic”, let alone spoken it? We bet you can count those occasions on one hand.

But, as this blog is being posted, we’re still in the early stages of the novel coronavirus pandemic, and the news is still going to get worse before it gets better. And yet our purpose today is not to add to the doom and gloom, but rather to offer you a little ray of comfort – quite literally.

GBT, as you are probably aware, is an “essential” business. That means it’s business as usual even during unusual times. But now, we’re providing our heating and cooling services with an added sense of urgency, especially for those customers who are working from home, engaging in distance learning, or simply practicing social distancing. Whether it’s one or all of these, you’re spending more time at home. And that means you need to rely on your heating and cooling systems for extra reliable service.

When it comes to keeping your central air conditioner in top working order, the best place to start is with our preventive maintenance service. It’s thorough to the nth degree and designed to reduce repair frequency, extend equipment life, improve overall system performance, and cut your energy costs.

Preventive maintenance, if faithfully performed once a year, is your best assurance of long-lasting reliability and enhanced indoor comfort. The point being, if you’re required to stay home more than you’d like, you might as well like how you feel.

Contact GBT Heating & Cooling today to schedule our preventive maintenance service, or for any other heating, cooling, or indoor air quality service you might have.


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