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Why You Should Keep Your AC Filter Clean

If we’re fortunate enough to have you as a customer, then you know the importance we place on annual preventive maintenance for your AC system and furnace. It’s key to helping your system perform up to its potential and to helping to keep your utility costs under control.

Still, annual preventive maintenance can only go so far. You see, home comfort systems need more than a once-a-year cleaning and inspection to help prevent problems and premature failure.

That’s where you come in with a few DIY measures to help reinforce your family’s summertime comfort:

  1. Clean or replace your AC filter once a month or as often as needed. That alone reduces system wear and tear and helps keep dust, dirt and other pollutants out of the air.

  2. Keep vents and registers free of obstructions.

  3. Keep sun-facing window treatments closed during the day to keep the heat out. Less heat, less hard work for your AC.

  4. Keep all interior doors open when not in use. Contrary to popular belief, closing them does not cut your electricity bill, nor does closing vents.

  5. Invest in a whole-house fan and turn it on at night once outdoor temperatures dip below the temperature inside.

  6. Keep grass and shrubs away from your outdoor condensing unit. Also, spray down the grill from time to time to better enable heat to escape.

  7. If you haven’t done so already, switch from regular to programmable thermostats so you can reduce system wear and tear – and save money – during those times of day when no one is home.

It’s not hard to keep your AC system in great shape, which means it’s also not difficult to reduce indoor air pollution and pay less to keep your home cool.

Are you due for annual preventive maintenance? If so, contact the home comfort specialists at GBT Heating & Cooling today.

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