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AC Spring Cleaning Benefits

Are you the perfect house keeper? As in, no need for heavy duty spring cleaning because you keep your house super clean all year long, even if you have someone helping you out?

Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but spring cleaning is still a necessity for most folks, especially when it comes to cleaning the following:

  1. Lawn and patio furniture

  2. Outside windows

  3. Garage

  4. Shutters

  5. Exterior siding

  6. Outside light fixtures

  7. Gas grill (if it’s been idle for very long)

Let’s see, have we omitted anything that just about every home owner would have in common here in Central Tennessee?  Yes, we have:  the need to have your AC system cleaned and inspected.

Think about it.  It’s been sitting idle since October or so, and that after an entire spring and summer of giving its all.  Now you expect it be ready for a brand new cooling season, and maybe it is. But it can be better prepared and less likely to cause problems with a professional cleaning and inspection.

Here at GBT Heating & Air Conditioning, AC preventive maintenance is one of the most important services we offer. Here’s just some of what you stand to gain:

  1. Improved system performance

  2. Fewer and less costly repairs

  3. Longer equipment life

  4. Lower energy bills

  5. Cleaner air

  6. Reduced risk of mold & mildew

  7. Added protection against an electrical fire

Now that’s the kind of spring cleaning worth having done! If you agree, contact GBT today and we’ll get your AC system ready for summer like it’s never been before.



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