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Can I Still Get Freon for My Home AC?

What do you own that not only gets better with age, but becomes more valuable?  Good quality wines would certainly fall into that category. So would some antique cars and antiques in general.

Well, the same can’t be said for your central air conditioning system. While it may last longer (12-15 years on average) than most cars, in one way it’s the same as your car – it begins to lose value from the moment you acquire it.

To make matters worse (or, at least more problematic), you have an added element of obsolescence to be concerned about if your current AC system was installed before 2010. If so, it’s probably powered by R22 refrigerant, more commonly known as Freon.

Freon, you see, was found to be ozone-depleting and subsequently banned by scores of nations, including the U.S. According to that ban:

  1. All new AC systems built starting in 2010 contain R-410A refrigerant which has no harmful environmental impact.

  2. As of 2020, Freon may no longer be manufactured in the U.S. or imported from any foreign country.

How the Freon Phaseout Impacts You

Let’s say your pre-2010 AC system were to develop a refrigerant leak tomorrow, one that required not just a repair service but a new supply of Freon. In that instance, you could expect to pay $200 or more per pound of Freon, vs. $5 or $10 a pound before the Freon ban went into effect. Yes, it’s still available, but in increasingly smaller quantities.

Which means the longer you wait, the greater the cost until eventually Freon supplies run out.

Here’s the point:  sooner or later, your AC system will need to be replaced. The longer you wait, the greater the risk of a high-cost refrigerant repair. Or, you can replace it now without having to rush and enjoy a whole-new level of indoor comfort and energy savings.

Contact GBT Heating & Cooling today to learn more about the Freon Phaseout. We’re also happy to schedule a free in-home comfort analysis and new system proposal.

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May 21

While good quality wines and antiques gain value with age, the same isn't true for your AC system. If your AC was installed before 2010, it likely uses Freon, now banned and costly. For efficient AC Repair in Riviera Beach, consider upgrading to a newer system with eco-friendly refrigerant.

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