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Can Your AC System Last One More Year?

Isn’t it great how life lets us know when something is amiss? For example, that little scratching in the back of your throat warns you that you may be coming down with a cold. Your car’s glowing “Check Engine” light alerts you that maintenance or repair work may be needed. And let’s not forget good ol’ Rex, barking at the top of his lungs to reveal that danger – or the postman – is nearby.

Well, your home gives you little warning signs, too. Take your central air conditioning system for example. You may think it’s working just fine, but you could be ignoring some telltale signs that it needs your attention. Here are 5 signs that your air conditioner might not be as ready for another sweltering summer as you had hoped.

1. Uneven Cooling. Do you notice that your bedroom is perfectly cool while your son’s room feels like a sauna? Even if you’ve learned to live with it, why would you want to? Correcting the problem might involve adding an extra vent or sealing a crack or leak in your ductwork.

2. High Humidity. Newer and well-maintained central AC systems are capable of de-humidifying while they cool. As your system ages, however, you might notice sharp spikes in your indoor humidity, also made manifest by unexplained mold or mildew growth or condensation on your windows.

3. Poor Air Quality. If you’re experiencing watery eyes, an itchy throat, or other signs of allergies or a cold, the fault could lie with your AC system. Start by checking your AC filter. If it’s loaded with dirt, dust, and other debris, clean or replace it as needed. If doing so doesn’t bring about immediate relief, then you have a bigger indoor air quality problem on your hands.

4. Excessive Noise. As your air conditioning system runs and cycles on and off, you’re bound to hear some noise. But, if you’re hearing rattling, banging, grinding, or any other unusual and loud noises, it’s time for a little professional troubleshooting.

5. Constant Cycling. If your system frequently cycles on and off or seems to run forever without ever cycling off, there’s a good chance your system was improperly sized in the first place. If that’s the case, it will inevitably lead to higher utility bills and a shorter system lifespan.

If any of these symptoms are playing themselves out in your home, right now is the perfect time to contact GBT Heating & Cooling. We’ll figure out exactly what needs to be done and, once we do, we’ll give you a guaranteed upfront repair quote. Where possible, we’ll even give you repair options so you can make the best possible choice for your home and budget. If it’s prompt and professional service you value, you’ll be glad you chose GBT.

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