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Common AC Warning Signs

How do you define “best friend”?  Here are a few of the qualities that that leap to mind:

  1. Someone who provides comfort and protection

  2. Someone who stands beside you through thick and thin

  3. Someone you can turn to when the going gets tough

We hope you have people and things like that in your life. “Wait a second, did someone say ‘things’?” Yep, that was us, all right.  Because if you really examine the brief definitions above, don’t they sound a lot like your air conditioning system?

Okay, we’ll concede that while an AC system can’t really be a friend, it’s certainly one of those things you want to take good care of, so it can do its best to take care of you. And yet, for all of that, sooner or later it’s going to struggle and eventually fail.  How can you tell if that time is now?  Here are a few clear warning signs:

  1. If your system is at least 10 years old it’s already on its downward spiral and costing you more to run it. Do you wait until it fails or replace it before the repair bills start piling up and your energy costs skyrocket out of control.

  2. Think of the last time a car failed on you. You had it repaired once only to have something else go wrong…over and over again. The same can happen to your AC system.  The question is, when is enough enough?

  3. If some rooms in your home are either too hot or too cold, one possible cause is AC system wear and tear even though the solution could be a minor repair. Definitely worth having it checked out.

  4. High indoor humidity during the summer is another clear sign of AC system decline.

  5. Noisy operation is another.

More questions than answers, right? Well, that’s kind of the point: as in, we can’t give you our best recommendation until we examine your system up close. So, if your AC system is under-performing, contact GBT Heating & Cooling today for expert troubleshooting that will lead to a very comfortable solution.



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