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Home to Improve Air Circulation at Home

Snow and ski bunnies aside, most of us spend the better part of winter wishing it weren’t – winter, that is. And yet, when summer finally rolls around, we’re sometimes aghast at how much it costs to run our central air conditioning systems.

While there are numerous ways to reduce the cost to heat and cool your home, let’s focus on that often gets overlooked: keeping your bedroom doors open to the extent possible. And, just to be clear, we’re talking about bedrooms that don’t have cold air returns inside them.

The Value of an “Open Door” Policy

The energy efficiency of your heating and cooling systems depends, in part, on adequate airflow throughout your home. Unless air can flow freely, your systems can’t work to their full potential. That, in turn, leads to added wear and tear and wasted energy dollars.

If you opt to keep your doors closed just the same, air can still escape, whether it’s under or around the door, through an air leak in window caulking, a wall socket or switch, or even an uninsulated wall. The air that escapes can then be replaced by non-conditioned air, the kind that can contain higher levels of carbon monoxide. How is that even possible? Because the air seeking to fill the void is often unfiltered, like that from you chimney, furnace flue, or water heater.

More Ways to Improve Air Circulation

So, what can you do to improve airflow and cooling efficiency? Let’s have a look:

  1. Keep doors open in rooms with no cold air returns.

  2. Or, install cold air returns in one or more of those rooms if privacy dictates.

  3. Install “transfer grills” that enable air to flow between hallways and bedrooms. Transfer grills are opaque, which means they can be installed in or beside a door, or above the door frame.

  4. Have your ducts inspected once a year to ensure air isn’t leaking through cracks or other openings.

  5. Clean or replace your HVAC filters regularly.

  6. Make sure all outside-facing windows and doors are closed during system operation.

Bottom line, if you’re not enjoying equal amounts of cool or warm air in every room of your house, it’s time to contact GBT Heating & Cooling. We’ll accurately diagnose the problem, advise you on the best means to correct, and provide you with a guaranteed price quote for your approval.  Contact GBT today for prompt and reliable service.



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