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How to Buy a New AC System.

Air conditioning is a highly complex field. But complex or otherwise, there are right, less-right, and completely wrong ways of doing things, just as in any other field of endeavor.

So, while the purpose of this blog is not to turn you into an HVAC pro, it is designed to help you purchase a new air conditioning system with greater purpose and confidence.

For starters, your antenna should be poking through the ceiling if your contractor measures only floor square footage to determine the right size of your system. That’s not nearly enough to go on since each of these additional factors must also be considered:

  1. Ceiling square footage

  2. Wall measurements, including windows

  3. Attic and other insulation

  4. Crawlspaces

  5. Indoor and outdoor temperatures

  6. Number of occupants

  7. Amount of shade

  8. The color and type of your roofing tiles

  9. And more

Next, ask your contractor to include “latent cooling load” in his or her calculations which measures both air temperature and humidity. If you need one, a humidity control system built into your AC system can add immeasurably to your family’s comfort while helping to reduce your monthly utility costs.

Proper AC sizing also requires that your ductwork be checked for cracks, leaks, and other irregularities. If, for example, air is escaping into the attic, your system has to work harder to reach the desired temperature in your living spaces. And over time, all that added wear and tear will cause your system to fail prematurely.

You also want an AC contractor who will explain the impact of an AC system’s SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating on your expected monthly utility costs. While units with higher SEER ratings generate greater energy savings, they also cost more to purchase. Only you can ultimately determine the right SEER rating for your system and budget.

Ultimately, buying a new AC system is a lot like making any other major purchase, i.e., the more you know in advance, the more likely you are to avoid buyer’s remorse. Here at GBT Heating & Cooling, we go through all the steps – and then some – featured in this blog while developing your new system proposal. We not only invite your input and feedback along the way, we request it.

So for a buying process and outcome that we’re confident will exceed your expectations, contact GBT today to request a free in-home new system consultation and proposal.

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