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How to Control Your AC Costs

Maybe someday you’ll be able to talk to your AC system and other home fixtures and accessories to give them instructions, but for the most part, that day has yet to arrive.

So for now, if you want to help keep your AC system in top working order while reducing your monthly utility costs, there are a few things you’ll need to do on your own. But trust us when we say they will be well worth your while:

  1. Keep window treatments drawn over sun-facing windows during the day to keep the heat out.

  2. Clean or replace your AC filter about every two weeks. A clean filter allows your system to run more efficiently and that’s great news utility-cost-wise, too.

  3. Replace any standard thermostats with programmable models, especially if there are large chunks of time during the day when no one is at home. This way, you can pre-set each thermostat, one at a time, to a higher temperature when no one’s home and still have it nice and cool upon your return.

  4. Don’t place any heat producing appliances or lights near your thermostats. Otherwise, they’ll be tricked into providing more cool air when it’s probably not needed.

  5. The same goes for your outside condensing unit: the less direct sunlight it receives, the less cool air it will need to produce.

  6. Ever thought of installing a whole-house attic fan? It’s a great way to save money on AC operating costs when the outside temperature matches or falls below the indoor temperature. Sure, an attic fan uses electricity, too, but not nearly as much as an AC system.

  7. By the same token, two-way ceiling fans distribute cool air by pulling it back up where you can feel it the most. And that allows you to keep a higher temperature setting without feeling any loss of comfort.

We can help, too, with an annual AC cleaning and inspection. That’s the best way going to minimize repairs and resulting repair costs, keep your system in top working order, help it last longer, and provide added indoor safety. If it’s been a year or longer since your last inspection, contact GBT Heating & Cooling today.



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