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How to Extend the Life of Your Appliances

We all have those annoying little habits that we – or perhaps our loved ones – wish we could dispose of. Maybe it’s leaving the toilet seat up or not replacing the paper towel roll. Or perhaps it’s biting your nails or chewing with your mouth open. And while such quirky habits might also be irritating, they typically don’t cause too much damage – frayed nerves not included.

But did you know that some bad habits can actually be causing your household appliances to break down much sooner than they should be? That, in turn, leads to more repairs, and often large and unexpected repair bills So here are 5 habits every homeowner should avoid to help protect your major appliances from damage and “early retirement”

Do not over-stuff the washing machine. Yes, it is better to run a full load than one that’s half empty, but stuffing your washing machine to the brim puts too much stress on the bearings and throws the drum out of alignment.

Check your pockets before tossing clothes into the wash. Loose change, dollar bills, keys, and even small toys can work themselves into the crevices of your washing machine and jam. Not to mention the damage they can do to the drum.

Clean the lint trap of your dryer after each load. A lint-clogged trap and vent pipe not only makes your machine work harder (resulting in more energy usage and higher utility bills), it also can pose a fire hazard.

Do not use soap to clean your gas range burners. Soap can cause corrosion and clog the lighting hole, causing your burners to have a slow ignition, or fail to ignite at all. Read your owner’s manual and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and maintenance.

Choose your pots and pans wisely if you have a ceramic range. For example, if you use cast iron, make sure the bottom of the cookware is coating to avoid scratching your range top. And be sure not to drag pots and pans on and off the stove top. Instead, pick them up and lift them to and from other burners.

Speaking of taking care of those household items you value, when was the last time you had preventative maintenance performed on your heating or cooling system – a service that should be performed once a year? If it’s been longer than a year, it’s time to call GBT Heating & Cooling for a high quality service and dependable results. Once our work is completed, you can look forward to fewer repairs, lower utility costs, and longer system lifespans. Annual preventative maintenance also enhances the safety of your home and family. We look forward to your call.


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