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How to Fix Your Mobile Phone in Spring Hill and Shelbyville

The smaller and slimmer laptops and cell phones become, the more easily they can be damaged.

Oops, are we too late with this flash of the blindingly obvious, as one of your devices already was damaged?  If so, we hope it wasn’t to the point where you felt the need to deep six, especially when one of the following DIY fixes might have taken care of the problem, repair bill free.

Drop your phone in a puddle or spill a liquid all over it? – Don’t panic, just stick it in a jar partially filled with rice to absorb the liquid faster than you can say “it’s broken!”  But before you do that, power off the phone and remove the battery, toweling off the latter separately.  Back  to the phone in the jar trick – allow up to two days for all the moisture to be absorbed.

Does your laptop battery no longer hold a charge? – For many people, this represents a quick trip to the repair shop, and a staggering repair bill to follow.  No need for all that – just remove the battery and go online to see if you can order a replacement by entering the make and model of the laptop or the battery part number.

Flickering laptop display? – If so, this is a wiring issue that you might be able to fix on your own.  First, you want to be sure the flickering really is being caused by a loose wire.  To do that, open and close your screen partway several times; if that makes the flickering better or worse, then it’s probably a loose wire issue.  Next, open your laptop.  If you don’t know how and to want to be sure you’re doing it correctly, YouTube has an instructional video you can access for that purpose.  Anyway, locate the wire that runs through the hinge and connects to the screen, and then disconnect and reconnect it.  If it just became loose, that will most likely fix the problem – free of charge!

And if something goes wrong with your air conditioning system?  Yes, even here, it’s possible to get it back working again without spending any money to do so.  So before calling GBT Heating and Cooling for assistance, check to make sure that your unit has power in two ways:  make sure it’s plugged in and, if so, check your fuse box or circuit breaker panel to see if the fuse has blown or the breaker tripped.  It may be a long shot solution, but sometimes even the long shots win.

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