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How to Maintain Your AC System

How many things do you own that are just plug and play?  You know, plug it once and never much worry about it again…until it quits, you throw it away and replace it.  Perhaps your alarm clock falls into that category, toaster, Christmas tree string lights, and so on.

Then there’s other items and equipment that you want to take care of. They cost more, and you depend on them more heavily.  In that category squarely resides your AC system.

Having it professionally maintained once a year is a great start, but it’s not enough if you want top-level performance, fewer repairs, a longer lifespan, and reduced energy costs. Hence, the need and opportunity for some self-maintenance.  Here are a few tips worth following:

  1. If things get a little toasty indoors, check your thermostat. Maybe one of your kids accidentally (or not) changed the setting.

  2. Clean or replace the filter according to the manufacturer’s instructions. A clogged filter adds wear and tear to your AC system and drives up energy costs.

  3. Keep weeds and shrubs away from your outdoor condensing unit. They can restrict the heat transfer process and impede your system’s performance.

  4. Using your garden hose in the “jet spray” (or comparable) mode, clean the fins on the outdoor unit to remove dirt or debris.

  5. Keep clothes, furniture, window treatments, and other objects away from vents and registers.

As for professional maintenance, that’s where we come in. If your system hasn’t been cleaned and checked within the past year, now’s the time to schedule service with GBT, your friends in the heating and air conditioning business.


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