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How to Plan Your Living Room Make-over

When thinking about redecorating or remodeling your living room, it’s easy to get stuck on “I don’t know, I just want something different.”  If that’s as far as you’ve gotten, chances are you spending tons of time on the internet, searching and searching for the great unknown until, by chance, it happens to hit you.

Or, you can go about this in an entirely different way using the STENT approach, where STENT stands for Size, Time, Environment, Need, and Technology.  Would you like to see how it works with your (or any) living room as our test guinea pig?  Great, let’s get started:

Size: While living rooms vary in size, they’re often the largest room in a home.  They are the center of family gatherings, playtime for the kids, movie nights, and holiday parties. Do you have space for everything you do in your living room? Do you need more storage that can also be used as seating? Can you rearrange the furniture to create separate spaces for crafting and gaming, or upgrade your fireplace to add a more inviting element to the room? Now’s the time to figure all that out before you even think about new furniture, etc.

Time: The needs of the living room change over time, and all throughout the year. Maybe you need to rearrange things to create space for holiday items, or a party. Do you need more seating for guests when you have a party? Considering what you will be using your living room for is a great way to help focus your next home improvement project.

Environmental impact and cost: Improving the efficiency of the living room always helps save your wallet as well as the environment. Adding plants is a natural way to improve air quality, for example. Repainting the walls in a light color or adding rugs helps bring in more natural light and prevents heat from being lost through the floors. You might also want to consider a more efficient fireplace or woodstove.

Need: Maybe you want a better space for having your friends over to binge watch a new series, or a cool space for tweens’ sleepovers. Do you want your living room to be more like a library, complete with built in book shelves and a cushy window seat? Or are you looking to create a modern look with wall art, decals, or an accent wall?

Technology: Technology for the living room includes digital fireplaces, better televisions or gaming systems, remote control operated blinds, and more.  Even the universal remote has gotten more advanced by being able to control lighting, temperature, kitchen gadgets, and a home security system. You can also use home AI devises for writing emails, dictating notes, or searching for your favorite song.

If your home remodeling plans call for changing the footprint of your space, you’re probably going to need an adjustment in your home heating and/or cooling systems, too, even if’s something as simple as re-locating or adding a new register or two.  Whatever your home comfort needs might be, you can count on GBT Heating & Cooling for great advice, heating and cooling options, outstanding workmanship, and a guaranteed upfront price.  Call us today for a free in-home quote.

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