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How to Show Your Pet Some Extra Love.

We know that your four-legged friend is so much more than just a pet. He’s your best friend, your couch buddy, and your constant companion. So this Valentine’s day (or any ol’ time at all), show Rex or Cuddles how much you care with the best gift of all – the gift of good health. Here are 7 simple yet meaningful ways to help ensure that your feline or pooch has a long, happy, and healthy life.

Just as you visit your primary doctor once a year or more to make sure all is well, so should your pet. It’s the best way to detect and remedy any health issues before they become serious and help keep your pet in tip-top shape.

  1. Your pet can’t tell you when something is wrong. So help keep them healthy and protect them from preventable illnesses by staying up to date on recommended vaccinations.

  2. Parasites are more than a nuisance. They can pose serious health risks for your family pet. Talk to your veterinarian about parasite-control products for year-round protection.

  3. Brush your pet’s teeth regularly with pet safe toothpaste to help keep their pearly whites sparkling and healthy. For even greater dental health, supply him or her with vet-approved dental treats and toys.

  4. There is nothing more heartbreaking than losing your pet, so help reduce the risk of yours getting lost by keeping their collar and ID tags on and having them registered with a micro-chip.

  5. Brush your pet’s coat regularly to keep it shiny and healthy. Avoid shaving your pet in the summer months as their coat actually helps keep them cool.

  6. And finally, feed your pets high-quality pet food and make sure they get plenty of exercise. Take your dog for regular walks, let them run off some energy in the back yard or park, and provide your cat with plenty of places to jump on, crawl through, scratch, and stretch out on.

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