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How to Stay Healthy this Fall.

Fall presents lots of challenges for those committed to staying on track with their health and wellness goals. There may be less time spent outdoors as the weather cools, fewer daylight hours, fewer fruits and veggies, and many more holiday buffets!

And those are just a few of the obstacles lining up to thwart your best intentions. So beat them back AND stay healthy by following these “good health” tips:

Tailgating. Football season is here, and tailgating is a wonderful pass time. But you don’t have to give up on your weight loss goals just because you want to BBQ with your friends! Grilled kabobs are light fare, and you can also use leaner meats. Chili is an American classic, and it is full of high fiber and protein. Just avoid the added cheese and sour cream.

Good night’s sleep. With the added stresses of back to school, fall holidays, and after school activities, you and your family may have lost your stride in getting a good night’s sleep. Remember to keep a consistent bedtime for everyone, including yourself. Limit TV and electronics to 1 hour before bed to help everyone wind down.

Get your flu shot. This is required for children in preschool or daycare and for all healthcare workers, but it’s time for yours, too. The flu shot doesn’t cause the flu, but may cause flu-like symptoms. That means you may not feel good for a few days afterwards, but you won’t get the flu or the debilitating pneumonia that can result from it. You also help protect your loved ones, both young and old, by keeping yourself healthy.

Holiday eating. Never go to a party hoping to stay on track but without a plan! Eating before you go to the party will keep your cravings at bay. Drink lots of water, and limit alcohol consumption Save the calories for the foods you love, and you will be rewarded by avoiding everything else. Lastly, exercise every day. Keeping your metabolism up, and your calories burning, will balance out an occasional indulgence.

Get out there! Fall is a beautiful time of year with the changing colors, crisp weather, and lots of seasonal activities. Visit the local farmers’ markets for in-season veggies like eggplant, kale, and Brussel sprouts. Walking, running, biking, or just engaging in fall clean-up are great ways to exercise. In fact, raking leaves for 45 minutes burns 235 calories all by itself.

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