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Must-Know Spring Cleaning Tasks

There are no 10 Commandments of spring cleaning. No laws on what it should and shouldn’t include. No one to judge your thoroughness…or, at least no one who matters.

How you spring clean is entirely up to you. The question is, just how thorough do you like to be? Well, if you err on the side of “more thorough”, here are a few added tasks well worth considering.

Vacuum Cleaner – A dirty, dusty vacuum can quickly undo your best spring cleaning efforts. Be sure to inspect hoses for damage, remove debris from brushes, change the filter, and replace the bag or wash the bagless container. Then add a sprinkling of baking soda to the container or bag to absorb odors.

Bottoms of Surfaces – The undersides of microwaves, toaster ovens, and even dining room tables and chairs can get pretty grimy. Take the time to thoroughly wipe them down to remove any stuck-on gunk.

Paints and Adhesives – How long have those paint and stain cans been sitting in your basement or garage? If you can’t remember, it might be time to bid them farewell. Contact your town for instructions on how best to dispose of them.

Pantry Staples – Remove everything from your pantry and kitchen cabinets and toss anything past its expiration date. Wipe down the shelves and neatly replace items you intend to keep.

Appliance Crevices. Thoroughly clean knobs, buttons, and any gaps on the surface of or inside large and small appliances. An old toothbrush and a little warm soapy water can tackle most nooks and crannies.

Trash Cans – Use a mixture of soap and bleach to clean and disinfect your kitchen trash can. If it’s stored in a cabinet, vacuum up crumbs and give the inside of the cabinet a good cleaning, too.

Door Knobs and Light Switches – We touch them countless times a day, sometimes with less-than-clean hands. Reduce the spread of germs by cleaning door knobs and light switches regularly.

Reusable Grocery Bags – Bacteria can easily move from your grocery bags to your counters and fridge. Keep cross-contamination at bay by tossing your bags in the washer or hand-washing them with hot, soapy water.

Spring is also the perfect time to schedule a cleaning and inspection of your central AC system. It’s been sitting idly since the fall and needs to be in top shape to serve you faithfully during the upcoming cooling season.  GBT Heating & Conditioning can help ensure it won’t let you down.  Contact us today to schedule service.


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