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Right and Wrong Ways to Fly the American Flag

Flying Old Glory is not only a festive way to show pride for this great land of ours, it’s a great way to show gratitude to the members of the military past and present. Just be sure that when you display the Stars and Stripes, you do so respectfully and properly, steering clear of these 8 mistakes.

Bad Weather – If you don’t have an all-weather flag, bring it inside – or don’t hang it that day – should the forecast call for rain, snow, sleet, or gusty winds.

Nighttime – Ideally, the American flag should only be flown from sunrise to sunset. However, taking it down and putting it back up every day can be a hassle. If you choose to leave it up overnight, keep it properly illuminated with a simple garden light or two.

With Another Flag – Want to show your pride for your home state or favorite sports team, too? The American flag should always be on the top when flying two on the same staff.

Flags of Many Nations – When displaying two or more flags of different nations, each one should be on its own staff and at the same height. The flags should also be of the same size. Attention to the flags’ sizes and positions symbolizes peace between nations and does not show favoritism to one over another.

Memorial Day – Lower the flag to half-staff before noon on Memorial Day to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice and raise it back up once the clock strikes 12:00PM.

Hanging Vertically – If you choose to display the flag vertically or horizontally from a wall, building, or over a street, pay close attention to its orientation. When hung against a wall, the union (area with blue field and white stars) should be at the observer’s left. If over a street, the union should face east or north, depending on the street’s direction.

Off the Ground – The American Flag should never touch the ground or any other surface.

Red, White, and Blue Only – Resist the urge to decorate the American flag in any way. Do not add monograms, designs, or lights to the flag itself.

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