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“Should I Replace My Windows?”

There are basically two types of window replacement projects: wanting to, and needing to. If you want to, then only you know what’s affordable and what isn’t. But if you’re still undecided about whether you have more to gain by replacing your windows than not, we hope the following clues to replacement will help you come down on the right side of that equation.

  1. What shape are they in? Just because a window is old doesn’t mean it needs to be replaced. In some cases, windows can be repaired to provide many more years of service. But if the frames are warped, sagging, and damaged by years of abuse by the elements, it might make more financial sense to replace them.

  2. Are your current windows preventing you from properly maintaining them? Keeping your windows looking beautiful and in tip top shape is important. But if your wood windows need constant paint touch ups or don’t tilt in for easy cleaning, maintaining them can eventually become more trouble than they’re worth.

  3. Are your heating or cooling bills suffering? If you can feel your hard earned money being sucked out the window, even with storm windows or insulation film in place, it might be time to invest in double-pane replacement windows.

  4. Do you plan to move in the near future? Home buyers appreciate such updates, so if you’re looking to sell, you might consider investing in replacement windows beforehand. Typically, you’ll recoup about 78% of the cost. Conversely, if you’re already in your forever home and your existing windows are in bad shape, replacing them is an investment you’re sure to enjoy for years to come – both in terms of improved aesthetics and added energy savings.

Speaking of added energy savings, how well did your home air conditioning system perform last summer? If the answer is “not so hot” and isn’t doing much better this year either, it’s time to contact the heating and cooling professionals at GBT for our AC preventative maintenance service. Sometimes a thorough cleaning and inspection is all it needs to cool your home more effectively and energy efficiently. Plus, annual preventative maintenance will help bring about cleaner indoor air, fewer AC system repairs, and a long system lifespan. We look forward to your call our next opportunity to serve your home comfort needs.


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