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The Benefits of AC Zone Control

As your air conditioning gets up there in years, you stop thinking of it as “perfect”.

Remember when it was first installed? Oh, how you loved the perfectly cool temperatures in provided, and how one room was just as comfortable as the one beside it.

Eventually, all that changes, like when you’re constantly checking the thermostat to see why you don’t feel comfortable at the same temperature setting as last year…or even last month. You also might notice that some rooms feel cooler than others. If you’re in one of the warmer rooms, you’re inclined to spike the thermostat to compensate. But then you’re also adding wear and tear to our system while driving up your energy costs.

If this sounds like your home, maybe it’s because one zone controls your whole house. There are at least three ways to solve that problem.  First, you can add a second AC system to take some of the load off the first while restoring the kind of even distribution of cool air you once enjoyed.  Not the cheapest of solutions.

Next, you can replace your system with a new and improved model. But sooner or later, you’re going to face the same problems all over again.

Here at GBT Heating & Cooling, we think we have a better solution, and that’s to add one or more zones.  That way, you can adjust temperature settings from one zone to the next in keeping with where you’re spending the bulk of your time. That, in turn, will result in few repairs, a longer system lifespan, and greatly reduced energy bills.

For more information on how you can heat and cool your home more efficiently and affordably, contact us today. We’re always glad to lend a helping hand.



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