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What to Do About Hot & Cold Spots in Your Home.

Here’s a pretty picture of your home: perfectly cool in the summer, warm and inviting in the winter, and all thanks to your heating and cooling systems.

Some might even call that one step closer to utopia. Or, perhaps you’re thinking “I WISH that were the case!

If so, then you could be experiencing those dreaded hot and cold spots inside your home. You know, where one room feels like a sauna, while in another you need to wear a hat and coat. And while many homeowners think they have no choice but to grin and bear it, temperature fluctuations in a home can and should be corrected. You see, it’s not just a matter of your family’s comfort. The underlying causes of hot and cold spots are usually connected some flaw or malfunction in your heating or cooling system that’s driving up your monthly energy bills, among other problems.

Here are the most common causes of indoor hot and cold spots:

Your heating or cooling system is either too big or too small for the size of your home. An undersized system simply has to work too hard to keep you comfortable while an oversized system is prone to continuous on and off operation. That, too, will shorten its lifespan and result in additional repair expense.

  1. Your air duct system is poorly designed, under-insulated, or hasn’t been properly maintained. Any of those conditions can result in restricted airflow to certain areas of your home, resulting in uneven temperatures.

  2. You could have too few vents or registers or, perhaps, one or more of them are poorly placed. A standard 12′ x 12′ room may only need one vent, while a great room with vaulted ceilings will require two, three, or more.

  3. Sometimes the culprit of inconsistent temperatures is your homes’ insulation, or lack thereof. Proper insulation works to keep our homes warm in the winter and cool in the summer, but certain areas of the home might require more. Over time, insulation can break down, especially in older homes. A thorough heat loss assessment can identify areas of your home that are losing warm or cool air.

How about it: are you experiencing hot and cold spots in your home? If so, no matter what time of year it might be, contact the indoor comfort specialists at GBT Heating & Cooling. At your invitation, we’ll come into your home, thoroughly and accurately diagnose the source of the problem, and then provide you with one or alternate solutions on how to restore uniform comfort levels from one room to the next.


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