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When to Replace Your AC System

How do you know when it’s time to replace anything? Well, it depends on what needs to be replaced. A refrigerator that can’t keep your food cold has to go. So does a mattress that would give a baby a sore back, never mind an adult. And your roof? Say good-bye when it stops keeping rain outside where it belongs or just looks so bad that no amount of repair work will suffice.

Then there’s your home air conditioning system.  It too has different ways of letting you know the end might be near, or already has arrived.  Here are a few of the telltale signs:

  1. Nose-bleed electricity bills. If suddenly you’re paying 20% or more per month for electricity and you can’t explain why, there’s a good chance your AC system has lost a hefty amount of its original energy efficiency.

  1. Hot and cold spots. A well-designed and maintained AC system should provide equal amounts of cool air throughout your home. If that’s not happening, there are several possible causes, including leaky ductwork, poor airflow, and overall system wear and tear.

  2. Noisy operation. Air conditioning systems are designed to be so quiet, you barely notice they’re on.  If yours starts making strange and unpleasant noises, just remember that they won’t go away on their own and that professional attention is required.

  3. More frequent and costly repairs. If you hang onto your AC system long enough, eventually it will resemble the dam that keeps springing new leaks – you patch one, and two more take its place.  Sooner or later, the cost of even one more repair can’t be justified.

  4. Growing a little long in the tooth. The average lifespan of an air conditioning system is 15 – 20 years.  How old is yours?  If you’re not sure, jot down the serial number and call the manufacturer.  Knowing its exact age will help you make the right decision.

Whatever might be causing your system to under-perform, GBT Heating & Air Conditioning will get to the bottom and recommend one or more practical solutions. More than that, we’ll help you make the best decision – to repair or replace – for your home and budget.  Contact us today or any time to schedule service.


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