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Why Is There Ice on My AC Unit?

It’s a “cold” fact: an AC indoor or outdoor unit can freeze without ongoing preventive maintenance.

The leading cause of a frozen unit is a clogged air filter.  The dirtier and more clogged it becomes, the more difficult it becomes for air to pass through it.  Without a steady stream of air, the evaporator coil or compressor can and most probably will freeze.

Other causes of AC freezing include:

  1. Dirty evaporator coil

  2. Blocked or closed vents and registers

  3. A faulty fan

  4. Lack of refrigerant, often caused by a leak

What do these conditions have in common?  They all can be prevented with annual preventive maintenance from GBT Heating & Cooling.  Our highly trained and experienced technicians will clean and inspect your entire system, where things like faulty fans and dusty evaporator coils are easily remedied.  During each such inspection, we also clean or replace your filter.  But once a year isn’t enough, so we encourage to check it every four to six weeks.

Has it been a year or more since your last AC cleaning and inspection? If so, contact GBT for service where your satisfaction is guaranteed.


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